Notable Websites

We Share Endoscopy, founded in July 2014, is pleased to recommend the following web sites:







Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

A Service of AtlantaSouthGastroenterology, P.C. A collection of endoscopic images in health and disease, annotated with patient descriptions. An educational resource for physicians, patients and the simply curious.



The GASTROLAB Home Page is dedicated to digestive disorders. We have been on the Net since March 24th, 1996 (15 years – a long time in the Internet context! – in March 2012 we celebrated our 16th Year on the Net!). These pages are updated once a week, usually on Sunday evenings, with a larger global update once a month – so, please, bookmark this site and come back!







At we present a high resolution video atlas of gastrointestinal endoscopy in which we want to share our endoscopic experience here in the Republic of El Salvador with colleagues and medical students all over the world. Our atlas presently displays 3806 video clips covering almost all areas of gastrointestinal pathology detectable by endoscopy.








The idea:
At some stage electronic video documentation was introduced to our hospital. The wish to present our electronic data in the internet grew with increasing piles of video pictures on stock. With pictures and short comments we wish to address physicians interested in endoscopy and keen on internet information.



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